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Political Advertising

Increase Your Name ID Among Conservative Politically Minded Readers!

WV Statewide News has become a go-to source for politically minded West Virginians who want the latest political news and the most trusted political polls in the state. Candidates now have these display advertising packages to gain valuable Name ID among the 75,000+ politically engaged readers to West Virginia’s Conservative News Source.


  • Preview of Election 2024 Poll Results 48 Hours Prior To Public Release
  • 2 Email Sponsorships per month
  • 4 Different Size Ads from Leaderbord to In-Content, ensuring your ad receives prominent placement
  • Online Ad Reports Available 24/7

Local Candidate Package

For Legislative, County & Local Races
$ 150 Monthly
  • Advertising is targeted to zipcodes in your district

Statewide Candidate Package

For Statewide Candidates or Congressional Districts
$ 300 Monthly
  • Ads run statewide
Lock It In!

Add 10,000 Impressions Across Major Networks

Geotarget advertising across major network sites and apps for just $100 when you add this option to any ad package!