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2023 – Q3 – Poll Results

Text / Web Survey of Republican Voters Who Have Voted In 3 or 4 of the Last 4 Primary Elections | 2,273 Responses, 99% Confidence Level, 3% Margin of Error

Jim Justice – 56.36%

-10.63% Change

Cash On Hand: $808,765

Alex Mooney

Alex Mooney – 41.46%

+10.36% Change

Cash On Hand: $1,536,560

Chris Rose

Chris Rose – 2.18%

+0.26% Change

Cash On Hand: $4,477


Jim Justice is one of the most popular governors in America with a 66% favorable rating. Recently his personal finances and business dealings have re-entered the news. Our polling reveals that in the last quarter Justice’s margin has gone down by 10.63%. Most of the issues Justice is now facing are not new topics.

Alex Mooney is a seasoned campaigner and literally wrote the book on door to door canvassing. He is aggressively campaigning and knocking on doors of voters across the state in some of the most rural areas.

These two candidates have tens of millions of dollars pledged by Super PACs. While the race has statistically been Justice’s to lose, Mooney will likely continue to outwork him going door to door to plead his case to Republican voters.

Chris Rose is a first time candidate whose messaging is an Ultra-MAGA / Trump platform. He is critical of both Justice and Mooney. Financially and statistically Rose has no path to victory. However, every vote he receives will be a vote pulled from Trump backed Justice, and ultimately may lift Mooney to the margin necessary to win.

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