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2023 – Q3 – Poll Results

Text / Web Survey of Republican Voters Who Have Voted In 3 or 4 of the Last 4 Primary Elections | 1,299 Responses, 99% Confidence Level, 4% Margin of Error

Carol Miller – 61.96%

-22.46% Change

Cash On Hand: $225,412

Derrick Evans – 38.04%

+22.46% Change

Cash On Hand: $9,656


Carol Miller began serving in the United State Congress in 2019. She has secured her seat on the Committee on Ways and Means which is the oldest committee of the Congress and considered the most prestigious. Miller won her last primary with 66.3% of the vote in a five-way primary. Her current poll results track similarly to past primary election.

Derrick Evans is most widely known for being the only elected state legislator that participated in the events on January 6th at the U.S. Capitol. Evans is a strong Ultra-MAGA / Trump supporter.

Polling shows a 22.86% gain by Evans in the race. We attribute this gain to Evans campaigning efforts throughout the district where he is gaining name id. With ten months remaining in the race this is the crucial time for fundraising. Evans is at a significant fundraising disadvantage. However his celebrity status among Trump faithful could offer him a pathway to the fundraising he needs to get out his message. Evans was recently endorsed by Trump supporter and My Pillow CEO, Mike Lindell.

This race will come down to the fundraising efforts of Evans and the effective messaging of Miller. We expect this race to be closer than Miller’s last two primaries because Evans is an experienced campaigner with the largest social media presence of any Republican in West Virginia.
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