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2023 – Q3 – Poll Results

Text / Web Survey of Republican Voters Who Have Voted In 3 or 4 of the Last 4 Primary Elections | 1,144 Responses, 99% Confidence Level, 5% Margin of Error

Kris Warner – 38.24%

Cash On Hand: $0

Chris Pritt

Chris Pritt – 22.47%

-14.20% Change

Cash On Hand: $8,184

Mark Hunt – 18.55%

Cash On Hand: $1,035

Ken Reed – 8.71%

Cash On Hand: $66,133

Doug Skaff- 6.88%

Cash On Hand: $55,252

Brian Wood

Brian Wood – 3.66%

-17.94% Change

Cash On Hand: $26,449

Steven Harris – 0.78%

-14.99% Change

Cash On Hand: $435

Kenny Mann – 0.52%

Cash On Hand: $0

Wesley Self – 0.17%

Cash On Hand: $0


The race for Secretary of State is becoming very crowded and changing rapidly. In our previous poll, Chris Pritt was leading the field. Since last quarter’s poll, more names have either officially entered or announced their intention to enter the race. This includes Kris Warner, brother of current Secretary of State Mac Warner. Kris will be a hard-to-beat candidate as he will have a ready-made infrastructure for a statewide election that he has helped set up for Mac’s governor’s race. Additionally, Kris Warner is a previous state party chair and current state party executive committee member with deep relationships of his own throughout the state.

Senator Mark Hunt is also exploring a run in this race. Hunt is an attorney from Kanawha county who won his seat in 2022 and is no stranger to large races. Hunt’s entry into the race is a hit to Pritt who was the lone Kanawha county candidate.

Also from Kanawha county is current Democrat Delegate Doug Skaff. Skaff is said to have announced his intent to change parties and run for the seat. Skaff would be the fundraising leader out of the gate. He also is President of HD Media the parent company of major newspapers the Charleston Gazette-Mail and the Herald-Dispatch.

We expect that after these candidates file their formal paperwork other competitors may drop out. However, with a 9-person primary race, the margin to achieve victory gets smaller. But in this election cycle, the cost to communicate your name and message is likely to require significant fundraising.

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