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2023 – Q3 – Poll Results

Text / Web Survey of Republican Voters Who Have Voted In 3 or 4 of the Last 4 Primary Elections | 1,144 Responses, 99% Confidence Level, 5% Margin of Error

Patrick Morrisey

Patrick Morrisey – 47.29%

-3.84% Change

Cash On Hand: $1,084,305

Mac Warner

Mac Warner – 17.83%

-0.81% Change

Cash On Hand: $194,509

Chris Miller for Governor

Chris Miller – 14.86%

-0.12% Change

Cash On Hand: $3,488,276

Moore Capito

Moore Capito – 13.64%

+2.66% Change

Cash On Hand: $948,116

JB McCuskey

JB McCuskey- 4.98%

+1.76% Change

Cash On Hand: $412,082

Rashida Yost

Rashida Yost – 0.61%

+0.52% Change

Cash On Hand: $8,593

Edwin Vanover – 0.52%

+0.52% Change

Cash On Hand: $0

Terri Bradshaw – 0.26%

+0.26% Change

Cash On Hand: $0


A statistical 3 way tie for second place is the highlight of the current poll. With 10 months to go before the primary it is clear that Morrisey holds the name id advantage in the race. Warner, Capito and Miller all have an opportunity to compete against Morrisey, but this will come down to who can afford to reach voters early and often.

Warner has built a coalition of veterans that will support him because of his own veteran status but lacks the cash on hand of his competitors. Capito and Miller will have to draw clear distinct differences in message not only with Morrisey, but with one another. Miller clearly has the cash on hand advantage of the entire field with a treasury made up of both donations and personal funding.

Morrisey’s advantage is that he has been a well liked Attorney General and enjoys name id across the state. However his weakness is that his messaging is largely old news to the electorate. Solid messaging and communication from a competitor could change the outlook of this race over the next quarter. It remains to be seen if Morrisey’s challengers will begin to actively message to voters now or if the outside threat of funding from Club For Growth will force them to wait to late in the campaign cycle. Morrisey is an experienced campaigner with a massive amount of out-of-state help and if his competitors wait he will likely capitalize.

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