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2023 – Q3 – Poll Results

Text / Web Survey of Republican Voters Who Have Voted In 3 or 4 of the Last 4 Primary Elections | 1,113 Responses, 99% Confidence Level, 5% Margin of Error

Mike Stuart – 75.74%

Ryan Weld- 24.26%


Donald Trump carried the state of West Virginia General Elections in 2016 by capturing 68.5% of the vote, and in 2020 with 68.6% of the vote. Trump’ favorability continues to grow in West Virginia and the state continues to turn more red as voters leave the Democrat party. Since 2016 the West Virginia Republican Party has gained 79,347 members.

While Trump now faces legal issues in New York and Florida our polling revealed that 89% of West Virginia Republican Likely Voters believe that Donald Trump has been unfairly prosecuted.

Additionally, the same poll respondents believe that the January 6 Events at the Capitol were justified.

Given the strong historical and current sentiment we see no path to victory for any other candidate as long as Donald Trump remains on the ballot.

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