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About WV Statewide

WV Statewide News was conceived as a solution to the decline of journalism in West Virginia and a way to provide news and information required to engage and educate West Virginians about the big issues affecting us all: government, health care, transportation, energy, and jobs.

WV Statewide is a digital-first news site, devoted to promoting engagement through data applications, events, and investigative reporting on a range of topics.  We utilize modern storytelling, from traditional narratives to multimedia packages and interactive tools.  We have expanded our platforms and continue to move forward to engage readers and subscribers in as many formats as possible.

For anyone who cares about politics and public policy in West Virginia, specifically our legislators, key stakeholders, and influencers, we are the first and most crucial read – a trusted source of news and information.  To encourage statewide engagement WV Statewide provides content to our partner media partners across West Virginia including print, radio, and television news organizations.