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WV GOP Seeks To Issue Voter Warning on Secretary of State Candidate Skaff



CHARLESTON, WVA – The West Virginia GOP meets Saturday and the party has announced another un-precedented resolution.  In addition to considering closing the primaries, a resolution will be offered Warning Republican Voters against candidates like Doug Skaff who has announced his intent to run for Secretary of State.  Republican party officials say that actions by individuals like Skaff are the central motivation for also considering the primary election closed to unaffiliated voters.  

The resolution alerts voters that during his tenure as the Democrat House Minority leader that just recently ended, he co-sponsored legislation to institute universal absentee voting, ballot drop boxes, and eliminating signature match requirements for provisional ballots.  He also voted to allow biological men to compete in women’s sports and repeatedly voted against Republican, pro-life legislation.  The party’s warning also says Skaff was a reliable vote for his caucus’ liberal agenda and a regular vote against many pieces of conservative Republican legislation we now call law.

The resolution comes on the heels of the New Hampshire primary where as many as 70% of voters who voted for Nikki Haley over Donald Trump were not registered Republicans and many said they would not vote for her in the general but would instead choose Joe Biden.  

GOP officials are exploring other options regarding Skaff’s potential ballot appearance that include legal challenges to his claims of party affiliation. Tennessee GOP leaders successfully removed a candidate from the ballot who they claimed was not a bona fide Republican candidate. The legal precedent was upheld by the Tennessee State Supreme Court.

Skaff transferred funds from his previous campaigns as a Democrat into his current campaign finance account after changing his party affiliation. He has publically stated he will spend a large portion of his personal wealth to seek the seat. Skaff is also the President of HD Media the parent company of several left-leaning newspapers including the Charleston Gazette-Mail and the Herald-Dispatch.


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    From the WV Statewide News Team. Articles depicting "Staff Writer" indicate the content was prepared by several members of the news team.

From the WV Statewide News Team. Articles depicting "Staff Writer" indicate the content was prepared by several members of the news team.

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