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WV Statewide News’ Top Ten Political Stories in West Virginia for 2023



In a year marked by twists and turns, WV Statewide News has closely covered the political landscape of West Virginia, bringing to light the stories that have captivated residents and observers alike. Here’s an exclusive reveal of the top ten political stories that shaped the state in 2023:

**10. Drag Show Bans in Jefferson and Putnam:**

WV Statewide News explored the cultural clashes surrounding drag show bans in Jefferson and Putnam, delving into the complexities of free expression versus community values.

**9. Mrs. Morrisey’s Business Ties:**

Our investigative journalism shed light on Denise Morrisey’s intricate business connections to China, Russia, and Planned Parenthood, sparking a statewide conversation on the authenticity of the Morrisey’s conservative values.  

**8. Commissioners Standoff in Jefferson:**

We provided in-depth coverage of the commissioners’ standoff in Jefferson, unraveling the dynamics that led to this local governance crisis, the division inside the local GOP and the potential ramifications for the community.

**7. Mac Warner’s Election Conspiracy Claims:**


WV Statewide News covered Secretary of State Mac Warner’s election conspiracy claims, presenting a comprehensive analysis of the allegations and their impact on public trust in the electoral process from Secretary Warner’s unique military and legal perspective.  

**6. Karnes Removed from Chamber:**

Our reporters closely followed the removal of Senator Robert Karnes from the Senate Chamber, investigating the behind-the-scenes developments and speculating on the implications for legislative priorities.  This tipping point ultimately led to Karnes being expected from the Republican Senate Caucus this month.  

**5. Blair’s Time and Mileage Controversy:**

We uncovered the controversy surrounding Senator Craig Blair’s time and mileage reimbursements, highlighting the ethical considerations and demanding accountability in the use of public funds.  

**4. Skaff’s Resignation and Party Switch:**

WV Statewide News broke the news of Doug Skaff’s intended resignation and party switch, providing exclusive insights into the motivations behind this unexpected political move and its potential repercussions. 

**3. Missing Emails Scandal:**


Our investigative team continues to explore the missing emails scandal, unraveling the details and investigating the impact on transparency within the state government apparatus.  The trend of missing emails is at the core of federal lawsuits impacting the state’s jails and the embattled Department of Health and Human Services.  

**2. WV State Police Investigations:**

We kept our audience informed about the ongoing investigations of the West Virginia State Police, offering comprehensive coverage of the probes that reached deep into the state’s political fabric with a whistleblower and the fallout surrounding the resignation of leaders at the WVSP and several troopers.  

**1. Joe Manchin Leaving the Senate:**

Senator Joe Manchin’s decision to leave the US Senate sets the stage for a new chapter in West Virginia’s political narrative, changes the balance of power in the Senate and impacts the Presidential race.  

As we reflect on these impactful stories, WV Statewide News remains committed to delivering unbiased, comprehensive, and timely coverage of the political landscape, ensuring our readers stay informed and engaged with the issues that shape our great state and country. 

Here’s the latest podcast episode where we dive deeper into these stories:


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    From the WV Statewide News Team. Articles depicting “Staff Writer” indicate the content was prepared by several members of the news team. View all posts


From the WV Statewide News Team. Articles depicting "Staff Writer" indicate the content was prepared by several members of the news team.