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Break-Ins Plague Huntington Business. Lulu’s Owner Seek’s Help Identifying Offender



Huntington – Imad Jarwan, the proprietor of LuLu’s Vape Shop, is grappling with an unsettling reality as his establishment falls victim to a series of break-ins. The beleaguered business owner revealed that his shop has been targeted not once, but twice in the last month, raising concerns about the safety and security of local businesses in Huntington.

Watch the videos below and contact the Huntington Police Department with any information:

In a candid interview, Jarwan shared the harrowing experiences he has faced in the aftermath of the break-ins. The first incident occurred four weeks ago, prompting Jarwan to enlist the services of a glass company to repair the damage. The repair cost him a hefty $2000, and only today did the replacement glass panel finally arrive. However, the temporary piece of glass put in place during the repairs came with an additional price tag of over $400.

“It’s just a hassle, it seems, to remain in Huntington, to be honest with you,” lamented Jarwan. The financial strain coupled with the repeated invasions of his business has undoubtedly taken a toll on the small business owner. The challenges extend beyond monetary concerns, as the recurring incidents cast a shadow on the overall security of the area.

Adding another layer of distress to the situation is the fact that approximately a month ago, LuLu’s Vape Shop and Mr. Smoke, located on 4th and 15th Street, respectively, fell prey to vandals on the same fateful night. The parallel incidents highlight a troubling pattern of criminal activity in the vicinity, leaving the affected businesses and their owners on edge.

Shockingly, despite the severity of these incidents, law enforcement has yet to make any arrests in connection with the break-ins. The lack of progress in apprehending the culprits adds a sense of vulnerability to the local business community, leaving them to wonder if justice will ever be served.

Local residents and business owners are growing increasingly concerned about the safety of their community. The recurring nature of these break-ins is not only a financial burden for the affected establishments but also a blow to the sense of security that residents expect in their neighborhood.


The Huntington Police Department has acknowledged the incidents but has not provided specific details about the ongoing investigations. Concerned citizens are calling for increased police presence and more proactive measures to address the rising crime rates in the area.

In response to the escalating situation, community leaders are organizing town hall meetings and collaborating with law enforcement to find sustainable solutions. The goal is to foster a safer environment for businesses to thrive and for residents to feel secure in their homes.

As LuLu’s Vape Shop continues to grapple with the aftermath of the break-ins, the larger community is left grappling with broader questions about the state of security in Huntington. The incidents serve as a stark reminder that the well-being of local businesses is intertwined with the overall safety and stability of the community. As the investigations unfold and discussions about enhanced security measures gain momentum, the hope is that Huntington can regain its reputation as a safe and vibrant community for all.


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From the WV Statewide News Team. Articles depicting "Staff Writer" indicate the content was prepared by several members of the news team.