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WV Uncovered – Expert Says St. Mary’s Medical Malpractice Killed Otis Clay Jr., Not “Ball Bat Killer”



WV Uncovered, an investigative journalism initiative by WV Statewide News, brings you the latest revelations in the legal saga surrounding Edward Jesse Dreyfuse and the tragic death of Otis Clay Jr. As the case shifts to Judge Jay Hoke in Hamlin, our team uncovers startling expert testimony challenging the previous narrative.

Veteran reporter Ron Gregory has followed the Dreyfuse story for the last five years. This work has culminated into this series where you can hear from the actual participants including exclusive interviews from prison with Edward Jesse Dreyfuse himself.

In this episode, we explore recent claims suggesting that Otis Clay Jr.’s demise may be attributed to medical malpractice rather than a deliberate attack, adding a new layer to Dreyfuse’s long-standing proclamation of innocence. Represented by former Kanawha County Prosecutor Mark Plants, Dreyfuse’s legal journey takes center stage in the current proceedings before Judge Hoke.

Remarkably, Dreyfuse, who once advocated for himself from prison, has secured victories in legal challenges. Former Prosecutor Mark Plants sheds light on the evolving legal landscape, addressing the expert testimony presented by renowned cardiac thoracic surgeon Dr. Thomas Berger.

Tune in to the episode here or on your preferred podcast platform, marking the inception of a comprehensive series unraveling the complexities of this ongoing matter. Moreover, stay tuned for an upcoming documentary collaboration between WV Uncovered and a major streaming platform, promising a deeper exploration of this intriguing case.


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