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Chris Miller Says Patrick Morrisey Is “Hiding In The Basement Like Biden”



MORGANTOWN, WV — The West Virginia gubernatorial race took an unexpected turn as candidate Chris Miller seized the opportunity to question the absence of Attorney General Patrick Morrisey during a crucial debate hosted by West Virginia MetroNews. Miller’s sharp critique raised eyebrows and brought to the forefront concerns about Morrisey’s dedication to engaging with voters.

Miller, a Huntington-based businessman, did not mince words as he took a jab at Morrisey, alleging, “Morrisey showed up when he was getting paid as a lobbyist. But now that West Virginians want to hear him answer the tough questions, he’s hiding in his basement like Joe Biden. That’s what career politicians do.” The conspicuous absence of Morrisey from the debate fueled speculation about his commitment to transparency and accountability, a sentiment Miller capitalized on to distinguish himself from the competition.

The debate provided a platform for Miller to articulate his vision for West Virginia, emphasizing a business-centric approach to governance. Miller positioned himself as a non-politician with a commitment to dismantling what he perceived as the entrenched “Good Old Boy System” governing the state.

In parallel, the gubernatorial contenders expressed divergent views on West Virginia’s recent tax cuts. Miller boldly advocated for the immediate elimination of income tax, citing a belief in its potential to spur economic growth. Conversely, Mac Warner, the Secretary of State hailing from Morgantown, and Moore Capito, the House Judiciary chairman from Charleston, approached the issue with caution, underscoring the need to balance tax relief with the state’s fiscal responsibilities.

Warner, in particular, voiced apprehensions about the sustainability of rapid tax cuts, urging a more measured approach. “Those surpluses aren’t going to be there for long,” he cautioned, pointing to potential impacts on essential services such as education, public safety, and employee retention in critical sectors.

The dynamic exchange highlighted not only the policy disparities among candidates but also the strategic choices shaping their campaigns. Morrisey’s decision to opt for a solo streaming interview with HD Media, rather than participating in the MetroNews debate, drew additional scrutiny and contributed to the emerging narrative of a candidate avoiding direct engagement with fellow contenders.

As the gubernatorial race progresses, Chris Miller’s bold challenge to Morrisey’s candidacy and financial lead combined with his distinct policy positions, adds intrigue to the competition for voter support in the upcoming primary. The landscape is evolving, and the candidates’ responses to critical issues will likely play a pivotal role in shaping the race’s trajectory.


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    From the WV Statewide News Team. Articles depicting “Staff Writer” indicate the content was prepared by several members of the news team. View all posts


From the WV Statewide News Team. Articles depicting "Staff Writer" indicate the content was prepared by several members of the news team.

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