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Republican Women Oust AG Employee Krushansky, Denise Morrisey, and Jeani Hawkins with Legal Reorganization



Denise Morrisey, Attorney General Employee Pam Krushansky, and Jeani Hawkins removed from WVFRW

The West Virginia Federation of Republican Women has completed a legal reorganization and installed an interim board of directors that does not include former members Jeani Hawkins, Attorney General employee Pam Krushansky, or Patrick Morrisey’s wife Denise Morrisey.   

Patrick & Denise Morrisey

As previously reported these members were involved in an attempt to influence Governor Justice’s choice in the replacement of Delegate Mike Honaker.  Honaker, who was appointed as a member of the House of Delegates by Justice, resigned his seat to become head of Homeland Security.

The letter written by Jeani Hawkins and requested by Denise Morrisey was published on Facebook by Attorney General employee Pam Krushansky (she has since deleted the post). It extolled the qualifications of three named female nominees. It further criticized the lone male candidate, Jeff Campbell, for having previously been a Democrat and not actively assisting the Greenbrier GOP.

Morrisey & Jeani Hawkins

Greenbrier County GOP Chair Ben Anderson was angered by those allegations which led to his branding the trio (Hawkins, Krushansky, and Denise Morrisey) as “flat-out liars” as others in the GOP criticized the three for trying to subvert the party’s process.  Other members of the Republican Women expressed their outrage at not being consulted before an endorsement letter was issued.  Complaints were sent to the Secretary of State and Ethics Commission and investigations ensued.

During this investigation, it was discovered Attorney General employee Pam Krushansky while acting as treasurer had dissolved the WVFRW’s PAC in early 2023.  Further investigation revealed the organization had failed to maintain any other legal entity status with the IRS or the state of West Virginia for some time.  Krushansky’s action on the PAC had resulted in the organization being enveloped in several significant legal issues.  

Morrisey & AG Employee Pam Krushansky

Sources said the issues with election law include conducting political action without proper registration and multiple campaign finance reporting violations. This prompted other WVFRW board of directors members to contact the Secretary of State’s office. 

The Secretary of State’s Chief Legal Counsel informed the board members that the WVFRW did not exist as a legal entity in any capacity in the state of West Virginia and advised them to seek legal counsel concerning election law and state and federal tax law violations the group faces.  

Members of the WVFRW board of directors had already called for a special meeting to discuss the letter to the governor, dissolution of the PAC, and the improper appointment of Denise Morrisey to the Executive Board.  Now because of the Secretary of State’s attorney’s advice, they faced another list of issues that extended beyond internal bylaws violations to state and federal legal concerns.  

Members from Kanawha, Cabell, Putnam, Mingo, Raleigh, Berkeley, and Jefferson counties who represent the largest majority of the Republican Women’s group took immediate and decisive action under the advice of counsel.   They have re-established the organization legally at the state and federal level and have also installed an interim board of directors led by state GOP member and Mingo County Republican Women’s President Sabrina Grace.   A formal election will take place in late October, event details are currently being finalized. 

During a call Thursday night the group issued a prepared statement that was also sent by mail to Krushansky, Hawkins, and Morrisey.  This statement notified the three of the following:

“This meeting was originally called to discuss the removal of executive committee officers related to the letter sent to the Governor on behalf of us all without our approval.  However, since that original call many new, more serious issues have come to our attention.  It is now clear to us that we did not need to ask for your resignation, because by dissolving the organization legally with the Secretary of State earlier this year you in-fact had no organization to resign from.

We were instructed by the chief counsel of the secretary of state to consult with an attorney.  Upon his advice and the advice of other attorneys, the representatives of the majority of the local organizations and the majority of the overall membership elected to secure the legal entity with the IRS and the state of West Virginia and have established an interim board of directors.

We understand that funds were collected from members and others while there was no legal entity to process them.  The WVFRW has no interest in receiving any funds that you may be in possession of as we understand there is an ongoing fraudulent schemes investigation, and we want no part of that. 

You may contact your local clubs for information regarding your participation but you are hereby informed today that you are not a member of the interim board of directors and hold no legal authority under West Virginia law to represent the West Virginia Federation of Republican Women in any capacity other than individual member at this time.
This concludes our call.”
– West Virginia Federation of Republican Women – September 21, 2023

The statement reveals that criminal investigations in various counties are underway.   When we asked about these allegations it was revealed that the investigations are determining whether the state’s “fraudulent schemes” statute was violated by Attorney General employee Krushansky and acting President Jeani Hawkins. The allegation is that they knowingly held themselves out to be something they were not, promising to provide services they could not legally provide to Republican women and donors across the state.  


We asked some of the purported victims of these charges why they felt the two had taken these actions.  The responses all described the political influence of Patrick Morrisey’s wife Denise Morrisey over Attorney General employee Krushansky and her friend Jeani Hawkins.  

Meanwhile, the majority of the West Virginia Federation of Republican Women are determined to continue their mission in the state.  Members of the interim board expressed their enthusiasm for moving forward and putting these issues behind the group – yet noted their commitment to transparency, integrity, and providing value to the Republican party. The group also reaffirmed its position to support all Republican candidates and not to be influenced or take action in a primary election.

WV Statewide News has confirmed the organization is now legally established with the state of West Virginia and has been organized by Sherry Rowlett of Martinsburg, Terry Sperandio of Scott Depot and Sabrina Grace of Williamson.

We will continue to follow the civil and criminal investigations and allegations and update as the story develops. 


  • Ron Gregory

    From Mayor of Glenville at age 26 to Assistant Mayor of Charleston, management of various public entities, and countless political races in West Virginia – Ron Gregory is the most noted political correspondent in the state. View all posts

From Mayor of Glenville at age 26 to Assistant Mayor of Charleston, management of various public entities, and countless political races in West Virginia - Ron Gregory is the most noted political correspondent in the state.

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