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Morrisey Was Right? Chamber / MetroNews Admits Poll Not Accurate



MetroNews Brad McElhinny’s article Wednesday morning announced corrections to the Governor’s race recent poll conducted by Rex Repass and presented at the West Virginia Business Summit held at the Greenbrier last week.

Repass is quoted as saying:

We discovered a programming error late yesterday that was missed during our team’s quality control process last week, which I am ultimately responsible.


– Rex Repass

Patrick Morrisey’s campaign questioned the poll’s findings in the governor’s race when the results were released, “slamming the fake news poll put out this morning by MetroNews.”

“Any poll which shows President Trump at a 49 percent approval rating in West Virginia is laughable on it its face,” Morrisey said

Updated MetroNews Results:

  • Moore Capito – 32% – Unchanged
  • Patrick Morrisey – 27% – (Up from 23%)
  • Chris Miller – 9% – Unchanged
  • Mac Warner – 6% – (Down from 7%)
  • Undecided – 26% – (Down from 29%)

Other questions exist regarding the validity of this and previous Chamber polls.  Other statewide candidates in several races contacted us to question the results.  The underlying sample size, audience selection and margin of error in these polls do not pass basic statistical calculations.  These questions lead many political operatives to question the motives behind putting a “fake poll” in the public.

For better or worse, polls drive the vast majority of political journalism and analysis.  Polls are frequently taken at face value and reported widely, especially when they show surprise results.  The Chamber of Commerce operates a Political Action Committee, issues endorsements and makes political donations.  Any poll commissioned by a political organization should first be scrutinized for alignment to its own agenda.


WVStatewide has conducted quarterly polling in all major races in West Virginia.  New poll results will be available the first week of October.


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From the WV Statewide News Team. Articles depicting "Staff Writer" indicate the content was prepared by several members of the news team.