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OpEd: West Virginia Doesn’t Need Any Guidance from the AFT



The socialist ideologue institution of the American Federation of Teachers, who has ruined public K-12 education in large part, has found it incumbent upon themselves to issue a statement of guidance for West Virginia University.  They insist that West Virginia citizens should reach deeper into their paychecks and subsidize structural deficits within the University. 

It’s laughable, that the same institution, the American Federation of Teachers, who places socialist and transgender political ideology in your kindergartners’ classrooms above teaching reading, science, and math gives their benevolent advice out of concern for WVU’s students. 

Maybe these structural deficits have come about from the leftist policies typically championed by faculty senates, such as demand of tenure and compensation based on time served rather than value provided, demand of legislators to tax citizens more to pay for professors to teach to empty classrooms as long as they have tenure or are doing research, demand of legislators to spend more of your paycheck dollars to provide degrees that don’t produce a paycheck.

The real reason that the AFT has inserted themselves into this situation is they are worried that other public universities will start to wake up and correct their own course. Unbridled spending by liberal “educators” created the mess our country’s higher education system finds themselves in. For the sake of families and taxpayers who pay for their children to attend college, let’s hope West Virginia has started a trend and won’t stand alone in doing what’s right.

West Virginia has had enough of the AFT and the NEA social agenda influencing education policy.  All we need to validate our conservative decisions as legislators is to have the AFT, WVEA, ACLU, LGBTQ, or AFL-CIO complain about those decisions.

The legislature passed a higher education funding formula in 2021 that gives a blueprint on how to drive funding to any West Virginia public university.  The way to benefit from that formula is to provide degrees that lead to jobs.  WVU is now making changes that will permit that to occur.   President Gee and West Virginia University should ignore the likes of the AFT socialists.



Senator Eric J. Tarr is the chairman on the WV Senate Committee on Finance

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