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AG Candidate Ryan Weld Says He Would Not Have Run Against JB McCuskey



On Talkine with Hoppy Kercheval Tuesday morning, Senator Ryan Weld candidate for WV Attorney General expressed his feelings regarding yesterday’s announcement that Auditor JB McCuskey was abandoning the governor’s race to run for Attorney General.

Weld explained that he and McCuskey had been very close friends and that he even stayed at McCuskey’s home when he worked in Charleston.  He said that McCuskey was the first person aside from his wife that he told of his intent to run for Attorney General.  Weld said that announcement came after several discussions where McCuskey clearly said he “had no interest” in the Attorney General position, and that he “didn’t want to be Attorney General” but wanted to be governor.

He expressed that he felt JB McCuskey was “less than forthright” in his dealings regarding the race.  Weld mentioned several times in the interview that he would not have run if JB McCuskey said he was going to run.

Weld went on to differentiate himself from McCuskey.  He expressed that the Attorney General position should not go to someone like McCuskey who was not a litigator and had not even been practicing law for nearly the last decade.  The Senator explained his experience as a local county prosecutor and practicing attorney.  He also claimed that no one had done more in the legislature to combat the state’s opioid problems.  

Weld and McCuskey both face Senator Mike Stuart, a Trump-appointed former US Attorney who received national attention for his work combatting the opioid crisis by organizing large-scale drug raids and prosecuting pharmacies and doctors who profited from excessive prescribing.

McCuskey enters the race with a perceived financial advantage, although it is unclear if he intends to refund donations that were made under the premise that he would be running for governor.


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