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Congressional Records Show More Russian Ties To Patrick Morrisey’s Wife’s Business 



It is well established that Patrick Morrisey’s wife, Denise Henry Morrisey is one of three founding partners of one of the country’s largest lobbying firms, Capitol Counsel LLC.  By most publicly available documents Mrs. Morrisey owns 15% and remains a Managing Member of the company.  In a previous article, we cited Department of Justice documents submitted by her partner under penalty of perjury that list Mrs. Morrisey as one of the six managing members who have ownership and control of Capitol Counsel, LLC.

The relationship between Capitol Counsel and Russia appears to have started around 2014 with Russian Direct Investment Fund which is Russia’s state-owned, sovereign wealth fund.  This relationship began after Mrs. Morrisey’s business partner and Patrick Morrisey campaign donor John Raffaelli offered a proposal to the CEO of the Russian fund for services at a minimum rate of $45,000 per month.

In 2017, Congressional documents reveal that Mrs. Morrisey’s business entered into a relationship with Nord Stream 2 AG, technically a Swiss company, but which by the firm’s submissions acknowledges the Russian Federation as a 38% owner of the organization showing a contact address as the Kremlin, Moscow, Russia. In this document, Mrs. Morrisey’s firm details specific lobbying issues related to Russian sanctions.

Nord Stream AG is a natural gas pipeline through the Baltic Sea connecting Russia to Germany.  The construction of the pipeline started in 2011.  In 2022, sanctions from the United States left the Russian owners considering insolvency.  The project had received a 6-month stay from bankruptcy after being a target of clandestine bombings that occurred in September 2022.

Mrs. Morrisey’s firm provided services to Nord Stream AG like their client the Russian Direct Investment Fund in an attempt to reduce or remove sanctions against Russian interests.


Legistorm – August 9, 2017


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From the WV Statewide News Team. Articles depicting "Staff Writer" indicate the content was prepared by several members of the news team.

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