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Disturbing Conditions: Putnam Animal Shelter Needs Urgent Help




Putnam County, WV – Residents and volunteers in Putnam County are expressing deep concern over the distressing conditions at the local Animal Shelter. The deteriorating state of the shelter and the lack of resources to care for the animals have sparked a call for community involvement.

Debbie Deweese, President of the Putnam County Republican Women posted to the group’s Facebook page after the group volunteered at the shelter yesterday. The Putnam County Republican Women are engaged in several community service projects and have been working to support the shelter recently as news of issues at the shelter made headlines.

The first news story this summer came when a Putnam County resident found the shelter had mistakenly euthanized her dog who had gone missing after informing the resident the dog was not at the shelter.

Volunteers who have since visited the shelter note the urgent need for assistance in caring for the animals and addressing the shelter’s deteriorating conditions is becoming increasingly apparent. The coming days and months will be crucial as volunteers work on their projects and community service to help the animals in need.

Community support is being sought in various forms, such as prayers, donations of food, litter, newspapers, cleaning supplies, manpower, and time. The hope is that with collaborative efforts, they can make a significant impact on the well-being of the shelter’s occupants.

Local businesses, including Tractor Supply Co. and PetSmart, have already shown interest in supporting the shelter. However, the demand for supplies is high, and with the shelter at full capacity, the current resources are likely to be insufficient.

In the past, the shelter had better funding and maintenance support. However, the current situation is far from satisfactory, with the shelter lacking proper accommodations for the animals despite a significant initial investment.

One of the major concerns raised by volunteers is the lack of manpower and the absence of efficient veterinary services. They stress the need for qualified veterinary staff and assistants to ensure the animals receive proper care and attention.


In response to the pressing issues, volunteers are urging local businesses, churches, organizations, and clubs to come together and offer their support to the shelter. They hope to be the voice for the animals until an ongoing investigation into the shelter’s conditions is completed.

The situation has mobilized the community to seek positive change for the shelter’s occupants. They are determined to improve the shelter’s conditions and ensure a better future for the animals.

A Putnam County Commission meeting, scheduled for July 25th at 5 pm, presents an opportunity for the community to unite and address the concerns surrounding the Animal Shelter. The hope is to rally together and work towards resolving the issues and providing the animals with the care they deserve.

If you are interested in volunteering or contributing to the efforts at the shelter, contact the Putnam County Republican Women on their Facebook page, linked here.


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From the WV Statewide News Team. Articles depicting "Staff Writer" indicate the content was prepared by several members of the news team.