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Congresswoman Miller Introduces the Methane Reduction and Economic Growth Act of 2023



WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Congresswoman Carol Miller (R-WV) introduced the Methane Reduction and Economic Growth Act of 2023. This bipartisan bill focuses on capturing and repurposing mine methane emissions from active and abandoned mines to be used as an energy resource across the United States. 

Joining Congresswoman Miller are Representatives Guy Reschenthaler (R-PA), Terri Sewell (D-AL), and Chris Deluzio (D-PA).
“Coal has been the bedrock of West Virginia for generations, and I’m making sure it stays that way,” said Congresswoman Miller. “Expanding the Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage tax credit is an important first step to secure our economic and energy success. If we can take mine methane emissions and turn them into an energy source, the United States will remain dominant on the global stage. The Methane Reduction and Economic Growth Act is a win for energy security, clean air, and the American economy.”

“Methane is one of the leading contributors to climate change, which is why Congress must incentivize innovative approaches to reduce emissions such as methane capture technology,” said Congresswoman Sewell. “This legislation will help create new, green energy jobs while also cleaning up our air and advancing environmental justice.”

“Our tax code currently incentivizes the capture of carbon oxide emissions – but not mine methane, which accounts for a tenth of all U.S. methane emissions,” said Congressman Reschenthaler. “This omission should be added to boost America’s energy security and spur new economic production in southwestern Pennsylvania. I thank Representatives Miller and Sewell for their leadership in spearheading the commonsense Methane Reduction and Economic Growth Act that supports the proper capture and utilization of mine methane.”

“This bill will incentivize efforts to capture methane emissions from mines and to turn them into a source powering our grid and economy,” said Congressman Deluzio. “I am proud to join my colleagues to support the bipartisan Methane Reduction and Economic Growth Act’s efforts to create jobs, reduce mine methane emissions, strengthen energy security, and clean up our air.”

“We at the Waste Gas Capture Initiative thank Reps. Miller and Sewell for their bipartisan leadership on this step forward for mine methane capture and the vast environmental and economic benefits associated with it. Scaling methane capture operations is critical to reducing overall U.S. methane emissions as well as local emissions, utilizes a reliable source of low-carbon natural gas supply, and bolsters American energy security. By supporting the build-out of mine methane capture sites, this legislation will catalyze much-needed economic growth in the communities most affected by the energy transition, while improving local environments. We look forward to supporting the Mine Methane Reduction Act and seeing its wide-ranging benefits make a difference for our environment and our economy,” said Waste Gas Capture Initiative.


  • 10% of U.S. methane emissions are made up of methane gas released from abandoned mines. The Methane Reduction and Economic Growth Act of 2023 will reduce mine methane emissions, create jobs, enhance energy security, and clean up local environments. 
  • This bill will amend section 45Q of the Internal Revenue Code to qualify methane, which otherwise would’ve been released as a greenhouse gas emission, to be acquitted equivalent to the capture of CO2. 

Click here for bill text.


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From the WV Statewide News Team. Articles depicting "Staff Writer" indicate the content was prepared by several members of the news team.

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