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Good Samaritan Customer Saves Fat Patty’s Server with Narcan



Fat Patty's West Virginia

BARBOURSVILLE, WV – A heroic act by a vigilant customer at Fat Patty’s in Barboursville has saved the life of a restaurant server who had overdosed on an unknown substance. The anonymous Good Samaritan swiftly administered Narcan (Naloxone HCI), an emergency medication used to reverse the effects of opioid overdose, preventing a tragedy from unfolding.

The incident occurred during a busy rush at the popular eatery. Customers and staff were going about their usual routines when the server suddenly collapsed near one of the server stations. In a matter of seconds, the situation went from mundane to life-threatening.

Reacting with remarkable speed, a customer dining nearby sprang into action. Recognizing the signs of an overdose, the Good Samaritan immediately requested assistance from other diners and restaurant staff. A member of Fat Patty’s management commended the customer’s quick thinking, she said, “It was a chaotic moment, but this customer’s presence of mind was truly extraordinary. They saved a life.”

Having identified the server’s symptoms as consistent with opioid overdose, the customer swiftly produced a Narcan nasal spray, a widely available medication that can rapidly reverse the effects of an overdose. With steady hands and unwavering determination, they administered the lifesaving dose, providing crucial intervention until emergency medical services arrived on the scene.

The server, whose identity is being protected, was promptly transported to a nearby hospital for further medical attention. Thanks to the swift actions of the Good Samaritan, their condition stabilized, and medical professionals expressed optimism regarding their recovery.

Fat Patty’s owner Doug Knipp expressed that he would be reaching out to the Good Samaritan and that new safety policies and additional measures to enhance the well-being of his employees and guests were a top priority.

This incident serves as a stark reminder of the ongoing opioid crisis that continues to affect communities across the United States. The actions of this anonymous customer highlight the importance of access to emergency medications like Narcan and the need for increased awareness and education surrounding substance abuse and overdose prevention.

“We are implementing a Drug-Free Workplace Policy immediately” Fat Patty’s Owner – Doug Knipp

He went on to explain that the company would be focused on regular testing and observation to deter drug use in the workplace.


The incident has also sparked conversations about the importance of Narcan availability in public spaces, such as restaurants, and the potential to save lives in emergencies. When asked about Fat Patty’s making Narcan available in its restaurants Mr. Knipp said that he needed a better understanding of the safety and administration of Narcan but if it could be done safely he would “absolutely do it”.

Naloxone training and the drug itself are available for free. The Cabell-Health Department website provides resources through its Harm Reduction Program. Click here for that information.


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From the WV Statewide News Team. Articles depicting "Staff Writer" indicate the content was prepared by several members of the news team.

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