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Derrick Evans Redefines Political “Trans”parency – Tweets He’s The First Black Transwoman Running For Congress



In what was clearly a sarcastic tweet aimed to rally the WV Conservative base, Derrick Evans has left little doubt on where he stands on an issue that is emerging as one of the top campaign issues – trans rights.

Evans is a candidate for West Virginia’s first congressional district. He has been one of the state’s most outspoken political figures for years. While he is most famous for his participation in the non-violent protests on January 6th, before that day he was also a vocal adversary of the abortion and LGBT movement.

Recently Evans tweeted the following which has been seen more than 55,000 times. Some may wonder why this is a significant story when it was clearly offered in jest. The answer is that Evans’ social media / Twitter reach is greater than the Governor of West Virginia. What’s more is that while he has over 86,000 Twitter followers, he has more than 120,000 on President Trump’s Truth Social platform. Whether he is elected or not, Derrick Evans is a voice that represents West Virginia that is being followed and heard by many.

We reached out for comment from the West Virginia Democrat party. Delegate Mike Pushkin (D-Kanawha), chairman of the WV Democrat Party said this:

“Derrick Evans is free to identify however he chooses, I find it more concerning that federal investigators identified him as an individual who illegally entered the capitol.” Mike Pushkin, wv democrat chair

When asked for his reply on Mike Pushkin’s quote. Evans said:

“Pushkin and the WV Democrat Party must admit and recognize me as the first black transgender to ever run for US Congress, or they must admit this cult of transgenderism has gone too far and renounce the ridiculous claim that men can be women.” – Derrick evans

Pew Research reported in June 2022 that most people favor protecting trans people from discrimination, but fewer support policies related to medical care for gender transitions, the number of people who say a person’s gender is determined by their sex assigned at birth is up for the last three years, and still many more are uneasy with the pace of change on trans issues.

The issue also plays well on partisan lines with some 66% of Republicans saying society has gone too far in accepting people who are transgender, while 59% of Democrats say it hasn’t gone far enough.

The Pew Research report also revealed that about three in ten parents of K-12 students say at least one of their children has learned about people who are transgender or nonbinary from a teacher or another adult at their school. Fox News reported in August 2022 that “West Virginia’s already highest per capita trans youth population may be undercounted”, and determined that more than 7% of students do not identify with their sex at birth.

West Virginia’s Republican majority legislature has introduced and passed some anti-trans bills in the last two sessions. There are currently 23 anti-trans bills pending at the federal level. One Bill HB734 – The Protection of Women in Girls Sports Act of 2023 has passed the House and is now received in the Senate.