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Gregory’s Web – April 23, 2023



Ron Gregory Political Columnist - WV Statewide News

As if we ever needed confirmation, our first-ever poll last week verified what we’ve been saying here all along.

We were right on the money all the time.

If the GOP primary was held today, Governor Jim Justice would trounce Congressman Alex Mooney for U.S.Senate

Attorney General Patrick Morrisey would lap the field for Governor.

For Senate, Justice scored 67%, which is relatively close to the number of West Virginians who think he’s doing his job well in another recent poll.

Morrisey drags in at 31% with Chris Rose at 2%.

At this juncture, Rose stands as much chance as Morrisey.

Morrisey is handicapped further by the fact he must be on the floor of the House often if he is to properly represent his constituents. That’s a novel idea for Mooney.


* * * * * *

For Governor, the other candidates seem to not have the name recognition of Morrisey.

That could be because he’s been front and center in the drug war.

Despite some critics who say he doesn’t get enough from the drug manufacturers, the general public obviously thinks he’s doing well.

Although both Mooney and Morrisey have lived in the Eastern Panhandle only a short time, Morrisey has overcome the “carpetbagger” title and Mooney has not.

One reason for that is that Morrisey took the issue head-on and Mooney did not.

If you’ve heard Morrisey more than once, you’ve undoubtedly heard him say, “I’m a West Virginian because I want to be.” That plays well to a WV audience.

Silence is a lot less golden for Mooney.


* * * * * *

For the U.S. House in the new 1st District, incumbent Republican Carol Miller received 85% to 15% for challenger Derrick Evans.

Congresswoman Miller has endeared herself in just a short time. This comes from regularly visiting the district and providing excellent constituent services.

Miller spends a lot of time in the district meeting with business leaders, always a good idea for a Republican.

Her opponent is a firm conservative who got himself elected to the House of Delegates from Wayne County. He would have been a good legislator except for getting in trouble at the June 6, 2021 rally at the U.S. capitol.

Evans did go to prison for two months which he believes bans him from running for his old House seat but permits him to run for Congress.

Sounds odd but I’m convinced he’s right.

House District Two will be open assuming incumbent Mòoney follows through for Senate.


There, State Treasurer Riley Moore holds a commanding lead. The new district is anchored by the Eastern Panhandle but includes the Northern Panhandle where his late grandfather was a legendary congressman and governor.

Riley Moore gets an astronomical 89% Nate Cain receives seven and Alex Gaaserud four percent.

If anyone – including Mooney – decides to enter that race, it’s already too late.

Get ready to say, “Congressman Moore” again.

It’s amazing that in a  formidable field of nine candidates, Morrisey gets a 51% plurality for Governor.

Second place goes to Moore Capito at 11%. Fifth belongs to State Auditor JB McCusky at two percent.

The first three have an insurmountable lead.

Certainly, Miller and Warner are contenders. Capito has an outside chance.


NCapito’s best shot would be if his mother, U.S. Senator Shelley Moore Capito, took to the stump for her.

Senator Capito is beloved and could boost Moore Capito but is likely reluctant with Congressman Miller’s son being an opponent.

The rest of the field might as well find something else.

It’s interesting that McCuskey polled so far behind Warner and Morrisey.

I’ve yet to hear anyone say he’s done a poor job.

In fact, he’s done an excellent job.

He’s a young man with plenty more gubernatorial runs left in him. It might be time to consider one of the other open Board of Public Works seats

In the race to replace Secretary Warner, Kanawh Delegate Chris Pritt has a modest initial lead. He comes in at 37%.


Second, is Cabell Delegate Daniel Linville with 26%. He has not indicated he is running but would obviously be a very strong contender.

The third spot belongs to the extremely competent Putnam County Clerk Bryan Wood.

Any one of the three would do a great job.

As I pointed out last week, Wood is the most experienced.

A fourth candidate, Steven Harris, keeps the pot stirred at 16%. Looking at the geography of his vote, it leads to the Eastern Panhandle.

There is a well-known Steve Harris in that area but it isn’t him.    

We figure his support will plummet once they figure they’ve got the wrong man.

Lòoking to replace Morrissy as Attorney General Kanàwha State Senator Miķe Stuart with a commanding lead over fellow Senator Ryan Weld of the Northern Panhandle


Stuart is ahead 79-21. As long as he’s known as a drug fighter, Stuart will be unbeatable.


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    From Mayor of Glenville at age 26 to Assistant Mayor of Charleston, management of various public entities, and countless political races in West Virginia – Ron Gregory is the most noted political correspondent in the state. View all posts

From Mayor of Glenville at age 26 to Assistant Mayor of Charleston, management of various public entities, and countless political races in West Virginia - Ron Gregory is the most noted political correspondent in the state.