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Gregory’s Web – October 6, 2022

Ron Gregory’s Predictions of the 2022 General Legislative Races



Now is the time we’ve all been waiting for when I call all 117 legislative races so you don’t have to wait until Tuesday to know who won.

In Senate District 1 it’s former Delegate Randy Swartzmiller as the Democrat nominee and first time candidate Laura Wakim-Chapman as the Republican. Swartzmiller gets the win.

In District 2, incumbent GOP Senator Charles Clememts defeats Democrat Eric Hayhurst.

Republican incumbent Michael Azinger wins in 3.

In 4, incumbent Republican Senator Eric Tarr is unopposed.

District 5 finds incumbent Democrat Mike Woelfel winning while incumbent Republican Mark Maynard wins in 6.

In 7, Democrat incumbent Ron Stollings holds his seat by defeating former U.S. Attorney Mike Stuart. It’s a Democrat loss in 8 as former Delegate Mark Hunt wins as a Republican over Democrat incumbent Richard Lindsay.

In District 9, the winner is Republican incumbent Rollan Roberts. In 10, I’ll go against conventional wisdom and predict a win for Democrat incumbent Steve Baldwin over Republican Vince Deeds.


The winner in 11 is Republican incumbent Bill Hamilton, running unopposed. In 12, Republican Ben Queen defeats his Libertarian opponent, Austin Lynch.

In 13, Democrat liberal Delegate Barbara Evans Fleiscshauer topples former legislator Mike Oliverio. Republican Jay Taylor claims the seat in District 14.

Incumbent Republican Charles Trump easily wins 15. Republican House member Jason Barrett and Senate incumbent Republican Tom Takubo win in 16 and 17, respectively, to complete the Senate field.

* * * * * *

Now it’s on to the House where Republicans will hold on to their supermajority.

In District 1, Republican Pat McGeehan is unbeatable. In District 2, incumbent Republican Mark Zatezalo defeats former Democrat Delegate Ronnie Jones.

District 3 finds incumbent Democrat Phillip Diserio the winner. Meanwhile, in District 4, Democrat Teresa Toriseva defeats Republican incumbent Erikka Storch.

Incumbent Democrat Shawn Fluharty wins in 5 over Republican Brooke McArdle. In 6, incumbent Republican Charlie Reynolds holds on to his seat.


Incumbent Democrat Lisa Zukoff wins in the 7th over Republican Charles Sheedy and Dylan Parsons of the Mountain Party. In 8, incumbent Republican David Kelly is unopposed.

Likewise without opposition is Republican Trenton Barnhart in the 9th District. In 10, Republican incumbent Bill Anderson is an institution and an easy winner.

In 11, Democrat Harry Deitzler should benefit from the internal strife caused by Republican Bob Fehrenbacher’s botched candidacy. It was Fehrenbacher who defeated incumbent Delegate Roger Conley in the primary even though it was revealed that he was not a registered Republican when he filed.

Although Conley said he would take Fehrenbacher to court if he won, Deitzler has pledged not to. Regardless, Fehrenbacher should be disqualified. All the turmoil has created division in the GOP leading to a Deitzler victory. 

District 12 finds incumbent Republican Vernon Criss the winner over his Democrat and Libertarian opponents.

Scot Heckert I 9wins in 13, a Parkersburg-based district. His Democrat opponent, Andrea Greer, has based her campaign on a promise to eliminate “pay to play” lobbying.

In 14, I give the nod to Democrat Jim Marion in a low-key battle that his GOP opponent, Dave Foggin, could certainly win. Incumbent Republican Riley Keaton wins in Spencer-based 15.

Republican incumbent Steve Westfall is unopposed in 16. So is GOP incumbent Jonathan Pinson in 17.


The 18th is another no-contest as former Republican Delegate Jim Butler is unopposed. In 19, much as it displeases me, incumbent Republican Kathie Hess Crouse defeats Democrat Seth King.

Republican incumbent Geoff Foster is unopposed in the 20th. In District 21, GOP-appointed incumbent Jarred Cannon wins over Democrat Theresa Jackson.

Incumbent Republican Daniel Linville, who has a very bright political future based out of Cabell County, is unopposed in the 22nd District.

In District 23, Republican incumbent Evan Worrell wins over a solid Democrat candidate, Karen Nance. Democrat Ally Layman, community activist extraordinaire, wins over a strong Republican, Patrick Lucas, with a lot of community service as well in Cabell County’s 24th District.

Democrat incumbent and perhaps the next Mayor of Huntington, Sean Hornbuckle, is without an opponent in 25. In the 26th, incumbent Republican Matt Rohrbach gets the win. Incumbent Democrat Ric Griffith, unfortunately, holds onto his seat over a good man who fights for justice, Republican Jeff Maynard, in the 27th.

District 28 finds Republican Mark Ross unopposed. He ran in 2016 for the House and is well known as a Wayne County High teacher. 

In District 29, the winner is Republican Henry Dillon. Democrat Deidra Roberts has outworked Hamlin Mayor David Flimsy Adkins, the GOP nominee, in 30. She earns the win there.

I picked against incumbent Republican Margitta Mazzocchi in the primary and was burned. That won’t happen again. She’s the big winner in the 31st against a Democrat and an Independent.


In 32, former Boone County Sheriff and Delegate Democrat Rodney Miller wins his rematch with Republican incumbent Josh Holstein. The 33rd re-elects incumbent Republican Jordan Bridges.

District 34 features the battle of the Marks. Republican incumbent Dean defeats Democrat Colegrove. Republican Adam Vance wins in 35.

It’s GOP incumbent Ed Evans who wins the 36th district. Incumbent Republican Marty Gearheart defeats Democrat Skip Crane in 37.

Republican incumbent Joe Ellington holds on to his 38th District seat against hard-9working Democrat Tina Russell.

Republican incumbent Doug Smith has no opposition in.39. The 40th sees veteran Republican Roy Cooper winning over a Democrat and a Libertarian.

Republican Jordan Maynor is unopposed in 41. The 42nd belongs to rising Republican star Brandon Steele. The Beckley lawyer announced his candidacy for speaker months ago and is widely being considered for statewide office in 2024.

In 43, incumbent Republican Christopher Toney is the winner. Hardcore conservative Todd Kirby gets the nod in the 44th District.

In the 45th, moderate Democrat Christian Martine wins over Republican Eric Brooks, a far-right candidate. The 46th sees incumbent Republican Mike Honaker winning over Democrat Paul Detch.


In District 47, incumbent Republican Todd Longanacre wins a new term. Republican Caleb Hanna gets the win in 48.

Nurse and Republican incumbent Heather Tully wins in the 49th, running unopposed. In 50, Democrat challenger David Pritt wins over scandal-ridden Republican incumbent Austin Haynes.

Incumbent Republican Tom Fast wins 51. In the 52nd, Democrat incumbent Larry Rowe is an iconic figure regardless of his far-left voting record. He wins easily over Republican Greg Hendricks.

Incumbent Republican Chris Pritt wins over Bishop Wayne Crozier in the 53rd district. Here, West Virginians for Life missed the news that incumbent Democrat Jim Barach withdrew from the race months ago. A piece of literature from them urged recipients to vote against Barach and they apparently did not realize that the minister Crozier was appointed in his place. Regardless of the opponent, Pritt, a Charleston lawyer wins.

In 54, incumbent and state Democrat Chair Mike Pushkin wins over former Kanawha County School Board member John Luoni in a closer-than-expected race.

Republican incumbent Moore Capito is the easy winner in the 55th District. In 56, incumbent Democrat, Kayla Young, a flaming liberal, keeps her seat.

Democrat leader Doug Skaff, the incumbent, easily keeps his position in the 57th. In 58, Republican Walter Hall wins in this St. Albans-based district.

Nitro High teacher Andy Shamblin wins as the GOP nominee in the 59th. He’ll replace one of my favorites, Dianna Graves, who he defeated in the Republican primary. As Kanawha County GOP Chair, Graves has worked hard for the entire GOP ticket since her primary loss.


Incumbent Republican Dana Ferrell wins his rematch with Democrat David Holmes in 60. Dean Jeffries, the GOP incumbent, is unopposed in the 61st.

In 62, incumbent Republican Speaker Roger Hanshaw easily defeats ACT party member Laura McGinnis. The 63rd goes to Republican Lori Dittman in a relatively quiet race.

Incumbent Republican Adam Burkhammer, another minister, is the winner in 64. Yet another Republican incumbent, Carl Martin, is unopposed in the 65th.

William Nestor, the GOP incumbent, is the winner in 66. In the 67th, Democrat incumbent Cody Thompson gets the win.

Republican incumbent Chris Phillips has no opponent in 68. Meanwhile, in the 69th, it’s a Democrat gain as former Harrison County Commissioner Ron Watson defeats Republican Keith Marple. Turmoil in the GOP caused when Marple defeated incumbent Danny Hamrick in a primary squeaker contributes to Watson’s win.

Republican Mickey Petitto wins in a close Harrison County contest in District 70. In the 71st, incumbent Republican Laura Kimble retains her seat.

Clay Riley, the incumbent Republican Delegate, wins in the 72nd District. In 73, incumbent Republican leader Amy Summers defeats former Democrat Delegate Mike Manypenny.

Democrat John Palmer gets the nod in District 74. Incumbent Republican Phil Mallow is the winner in the 75th.


In 76, Democrat incumbent Joey Garcia holds on to win over Republican Jon Dodds. Republican incumbent Joe Statler is the winner in the 77th.

In 78, Republican Eugene Chiarelli outdistances Democrat Jeffrey Budkey. Incumbent Democrat Evan Hansen gets the win in the 79th.

Another incumbent Democrat, John Williams, wins in the 80th District. In 81, community activist and Democrat incumbent Danielle Walker gets the win. She’s also the new state Democrat vice chair and radically leftist.

The 82nd District is a traditional Republican/conservative (Debbie Warner) versus Democrat/liberal (Katie Fallon) contest. In Morgantown, the liberal Fallon wins.

Republican George Street keeps District 83 in GOP hands with a victory to replace the retiring Terri Sypolt.

In the 84th, incumbent Democrat Lisa Hyre retains her seat. 

In 85, incumbent Republican John Paul Hott is unopposed. Republican incumbent Bryan Ward retains his seat in the 86th.

In 87, veteran Republican Gary Howell defeats Democrat David Boden. Republican Rick Hillenbrand, a long-time community volunteer, is unopposed in the 88th District.


In 89, Republican farmer Darren Thorne upset long-time incumbent Ruth Rowan in the primary. That opens the door for Robert Wolford to make it a contest as an independent. But, in the end, the seat stays in GOP hands with a Thorne victory. 

Well-known for wearing a bow in her hair, Rowan made major political news when she defeated powerful Democrat Delegate Jerry Mezzatesta nearly 20 years ago. She and her ever-present husband, Tom, will be missed at the capitol.

District 90 finds incumbent Republican George Miller without opposition. In the 91st, incumbent Republican Don Forsht is virtually unopposed having only the ACT party’s nominee and former GOP Delegate S. Marshall Wilson as an opponent.

District 92 finds Republican Michael Hite unopposed. In the 93rd District, Democrat Zondria “Z” Lansdowne Is the winner.

Former Republican Delegate Larry Kump is unopposed in 94. He has worked tirelessly the last two years for a return ticket to the capitol.

Solid conservative Charles Horst Sr., the incumbent Republican, is the winner in the 95th.

Powerful Republican incumbent Eric Householder gets an easy win in 96. Another Eastern Panhandle powerhouse, John Hardy, wins in the 97th.

In 98, Republican incumbent Paul Espinosa has no opponent.


Republican incumbent Wayne Clark wins the 99th.

And, finally, Republican Bill Ridenour wins in District 100.

Whew! I don’t know about you, but I’m tired. However, you are now in the know. No need to wait til Tuesday.

By the way, when my predictions prove true, there will still be super GOP majorities in both houses.

In the House it’s 76-24 compared to the present 78-22 GOP margin. In the Senate, it’s 29-5.

Contact Ron Gregory at 304-533-5185;; or PO Box 20297, Charleston, WV 25362. Confidentiality is assured.


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    From Mayor of Glenville at age 26 to Assistant Mayor of Charleston, management of various public entities, and countless political races in West Virginia – Ron Gregory is the most noted political correspondent in the state. View all posts

From Mayor of Glenville at age 26 to Assistant Mayor of Charleston, management of various public entities, and countless political races in West Virginia - Ron Gregory is the most noted political correspondent in the state.