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Rebecca McPhail – WV Manufacturers Assocation Discusses Amendment 2

Rebecca McPhail, President – West Virginia Manufacturers Assocation discusses why it is critical Amendment 2 must pass.



Leyla Gulen discusses the issues surrounding Amendment 2 with Rebecca McPhail on Friday. During the interview McPhail highlighted that West Virginia is the only state that “enshrines” this type of local tax guarantee in it’s state Constitution, and that the state state is one of only six with a business inventory tax.

“…Making Us One of the Top 10 Worse States for Capital Intensive Manufacturing”

Rebecca mcphail – wv manufacturer’s association

Ms. McPhail expalined that there is an “uneven playing field” between manufacturers as many of the large companies relocating to the state are receiving special exemptions from the taxes. She also cited that some of her member organizations have seen a rise in this tax by 28% year over year, and that this tax increase is in addition to rising inflation and supply chain issues that are effecting manufacturing.

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