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Kanawha County Commissioner Kent Carper Discusses Amendment 2

Leyla Gulen discusses Amendment 2 with Kanawha County Commission President Kent Carper.



Leyla Gulen sat down to discuss the proposed Amendment 2 allowing the repeal of tangible personal property taxes by the West Virginia Legislature.

“We’re beginning to see a re-birth in manufacturing already.”KENT CARPER, KANAWHA COUNTY COMMISSION PRESIDENT

Commissioner Carper explains his position that the state constitutional guarantee to the counties is necessary.

When asked about West Virginia’s population decline Carper compared the question to a “gotcha” question, then went on to blame West Virginia’s population loss due to the industrial revolution and mechanization of coal mines, and migration from the “rust belt” to southern states.

He also mentioned that because of Covid local officials were not available to participate in feedback on the issue when the legislature debated the item.

“The protection to fund local government is in the state constitution” Carper said, “it wasn’t necessary to remove our constitutional protection.”


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